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TWIC is 22 years old

Mark Crowther (Sat Sep 17 18:39:00 2016)

The Week in Chess is 22 years old today. The first issue of the magazine was published on Saturday 17th September 1994. Every week I produce a magazine listing the results and major news stories in professional and strong amateur chess of the previous week and more importantly a game file to go with it. With this anniversary I wanted to remind people that I do rely in part on donations to keep this work going.

While I cover the leading events daily on TWIC, it's the weekly game files to which I devote the most attention and time. With tens of thousands of downloads of the TWIC PGN and newer ChessBase format files each month I have no reason to suppose that it isn't the most important thing I do.

I do primary work on all the games working from the original sources. For instance I identify the players in an event, process the games against this list adding their rating, trying normalise the names and finally add the player's FIDEid to the PGN. I have no wish to directly charge for this service but the website and my work does need to be paid for. Advertising and donations have been the way I have supported myself and the site in the last few years. I would ask if you do use the TWIC game files weekly or very regularly, particularly if you're a professional, to consider making a donation every year to support the work if you can afford to do so. I have offered my personal game file of all the TWIC issues in ChessBase format to those who donate over £30 for some time (and can convert this file to PGN for those who want it in this format). There are over 1.9 million games at the moment in there and this has gone down pretty well.

Below are various Paypal links for donation and also a full up to date listing of TWIC issues with links to all the texts, later game files and the numbers of games and stories in each issue.